WP My Admin Bar Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Which WordPress Setups does the WP My Admin Bar work with?
A) Yes, it works with them all and has been tested across each situation.

Q) Does the plugin have a Network Settings page?
A) It works with, all Multisite Setups (not multi-user at this time), and Standalone WordPress.org Installs.

Q) Does the plugin have a Network Settings page?
A) Yes, you can access it via the Network Admin > Settings > Admin Bar

Q) Does changing the Network Settings override the Website Settings?
A) Yes! After you Network Activate the plugin, adjust the settings within the Network Admin. Then don’t touch them again! After that, if a Website is missing a feature or needs a feature, access that websites admin bar settings page to adjust that Website only.

Q) I don’t have a Cache Plugin installed, should I use one of the listed Plugins?
A) Yes!!! If you use Multisite use: Super Cache + Widget Cache. Non-Multisite setups use: Total Cache + Widget Cache. Wp Minify and DB Cache are optional plugins that may or may not work for you, depending on your setup, themes, and other junk.

Q) If I disable the plugin are the options deleted?
A) No, disabling keeps everything in place. However, deleting the plugin (through the WordPress Admin) will remove all settings.

Q) If I upgrade from Standalone WordPress to Multisite, will I lose my settings?
A) I’m not sure, however it’s only one Website, setting it back will only take a few seconds.

Q) If I activate the Plugin via a Network Website, then Network activate it, will I lose my Websites settings?
A) No, not until you update the Network Admin Settings directly.

Q) What’s a fast Load Time?
A) First, the load time includes much more than just the menus or the settings page load time. Many/Most WordPress Plugins load scripts & itself, while in the WordPress Admin, when many don’t need to be loaded, this is what typically makes a WordPress Admin hang for a few seconds. So to answer the question, it greatly depends on your Internet connection, the Host WordPress is on, server specs, the plugins/scripts that load with WordPress and a ton of other stuff. However, anything in the .5 range (1/2 second) or below is pretty decent for a WordPress Admin.

More Frequently Asked Questions Coming Soon