I’m currently rebuilding the Multisite Robots.txt Manager Pro (MSRTM Pro) landing page.

Here’s what the pro plugin does:

  • It adapts into the free plugin, thus no extra menus to deal with.
  • Setting: Automatically create robots.txt files when new network websites are created.
  • Setting: Automatically append an allow statement for the websites upload directory.
  • Setting: Automatically append an allow statement for the websites theme directory.
  • Setting: Automatically append the websites sitemap.xml url to the robots.txt file.

Activate the plugin, configure it, and let the automation take over: For every 10 websites created, the plugin and automation extension can save you roughly 25 minutes – 60 minutes of time. For every 100 websites that is between 1 full work day through 3 full work days of time saved. The plugins job is to save you time through automation…and that’s exactly what it does.

Two Licenses To Choose From:

  • Personal License – $27.00 (on-time)
    Unlimited Multisite Networks That You Own
  • Business License – $97.00 (on-time)
    Unlimited Multisite Networks Your Clients Own
    And A Transferable Personal License For Your Clients


If you would like to purchase a copy of the Mulitsite Robots.txt Manager Pro Plugin. For now, send me an email, with your Full Name, Paypal address and the License you would like and I’ll send you over an invoice. Afterward payment you’ll automatically be emailed the software with your license key.

Chris W. (tribalNerd)