How To Quickly Reduce Your Websites Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate Formula

Google Analytics calculates the Bounce Rate based on the first loaded page of a visitor. A bounce happens when a visitor exits the page without clicking anything on the page.


A high bounce rate does not mean something is wrong with a page. Well written, to the point, killer articles, can have an 80% + bounce rate, and still get killer listings in the Search Engines.

article on techNerdia titled: 30 WordPress Admin Bar Tips and Tricks has an 85% bounce rate. The higher bounce rate happens because the page doesn’t require any clicks to consume the content on the page. Even with the high bounce rate, Google lists this page strongl, so higher doesn’t always mean bad!

If we look at the article titled: 4 jQuery Fadein Effects That Will Catch Your Readers Eyes it has a 24% bounce rate. The low bounce rate happens because visitors click the demo links to see the jQuery examples in action.

Real Tricks To Lowering Your Bounce Rate

Several things can be done to lower a pages bounce rate, the most common factors include: A faster web host / server, no intrusive advertisements, no pop overs, and external links that open in a new window/tab.

However, those are boring and repeated all over the Internet, so let’s get into a few tricks that really lower the bounce rates.

  • Demos: Provide a demo with tutorial articles and samples images of products.
  • Videos: Embed the video within the page, plus offer a download link.
  • PDF’s: Convert your article’s to PDF’s and host them yourself with a link to download the PDF.
  • Read More Links: Split your articles up with a ‘read more’ button for an easy way to get clicks.
  • Internal Links: Use internal links near the top and bottom of your articles to attract more clicks.
  • Slideshows: Host and embed your own slideshows to gain extra clicks.
  • Podcasts: Embed postcasts with flash and provide an mp3 download link.
  • Zip Files: Zip up related mp3’s, video files, source code, graphic files, pdf’s, photoshop psd files, etc.
  • Thumbnails: Providing thumbnails of screenshots, cartoons, and info-graphics are easy ways to attract more clicks.

To get the lowest bounce rate possible, use as many of the above tricks or any other ideas you can come up with to get people to click or interact more with the page. It’s that simple.

Final Thoughts

If your overall Website has a high bounce rate, chances are the Websites design or content being presented needs work. Every Website has a few pages with chronic high bounce rates and no matter what you try the bounce rate will stay high.