The Easy To Use Multisite Robots.txt Manager WordPress Plugin

This Plugin Was Created For Multisite Networks > Network Activations Only!

Multisite Robots.txt Manager WordPress Plugin

A Multisite Network Robots.txt Manager – Quickly manage all Network Websites robots.txt files directly within the Network Admin.

Fast, easy to use, and most important – it saves you time!

  • Manage all Network Websites from one Administration area.
  • Instantly add Sitemaps URLs to all Network Websites.
  • Mass update the entire Network or update a unique Website.
  • Each Website within a Network can have a unique robots.txt file.
  • Robots.txt file examples that can be published to Websites or stored as a default.

Before you start, you should know…

  • When you first install the plugin, no robots.txt files are active.
  • The default “Network Wide” robots.txt file is NOT a live robots.txt file.
  • If you deactivate the plugin, no options are removed but the robots.txt file(s) are no longer displayed.
  • If you delete this plugin, all options and settings will be removed from the database.

Making the Plugin Work: To make the robots.txt live for a Website, either click the “publish to network” button or select the Website from the dropdown > then click the “change sites” buttons. Next, adjust the displayed robots.txt file, then click the “update this website” button. Both methods publish the robots.txt file to the Website(s), making it live. Click the [ view robots.txt ] link next to the Websites dropdown to view the changes within your browser.

The best way to learn how the tool works is to play around with the features. Start by creating your robots.txt file (even a junk one), network publish it, delete it, rebuild the default(s)….and when you’re ready, set it up how you want, mass update the Network, then enjoy the rest of the day!

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