Real Secrets to Making Money With AWeber and AWeber Reviewed

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Making Money With Aweber

Making money with a mailing list is well documented online, it is arguably one of the most profitable and easiest ways to make serious sales. However, most people never tell you the real secrets of making money with your lists, they simply talk about it being done…so, below is some real secrets that I have used to make money by using AWeber.

  • Thank You Page Offers: After the subscription is confirmed. This is the cream of the crop, the golden sales page, the one page that can capture more sales, than any other page on a Website. For free Websites, this could be a free report, free ebook, or a pitch for a paid product. For product Websites, this should be the most remarkable offer you have ever given out! (Package products up, stack the price, then discount it heavily.)
  • Coupon Lists: Coupon Opt-in Lists are probably the fastest and most consistent way to make money with a mailing list. The idea is very simple, the marketing for the list is all about getting a Coupon(s) for a product(s). Subscribers to these list are people willing to make a purchase, even if it is at a discount, they are telling you: Yes, I will buy from you, just give me a reason!
  • Sell the Newsletter as a Subscription Service: This works best if you truly are a master within your market. The idea here is to sell access to the auto-responders that typically contain very informative 2-3 hour long video, hosted on a Webpage. You are selling access to the link that contains the video. These are not SEO pages, they are Videos with a Subscribe button under it (a paid subscription). If the user shares the video, other people could view it as well, however to get the next video, they will need to subscribe by paying, which gives them access to the opt-in page to get update notices.
  • Sell Advertising Spots: After you have built a profitable email list, typically via a Newsletter, you can sell advertising spots within the Newsletter itself. You do not need a monster list, but rather a list that produces sales each time a mailer is sent. This is possible within a few hundred emails, you do not need a massive list to sell pre-paid advertisement spots.
  • Sell Niched lists: After you have built up a decent list, which you have already hounded with marketing emails, you can offer mailings for sale. Typically pre-paid mailings start at about $100 and go up greatly in costs, per email sent! The nice part is, the person buying a mailing, does all the writing for you: You get paid, they write the email, you add it in and mail it for them. A word of caution though: You should mix these update, between product and free goodies, if it is helpful information, free access to trade shows, whatever it may be, you give a little to take a little.
  • Automated Customer Lists: After a customer purchases from you, move the customer from your public list to a customer only list. Then give them a discount coupon code for the next purchase over a set amount. This works great for Websites that have multiple products: Give them a 25-25% off Coupon code for orders over a set amount, typically $200+ orders.
  • Swap Mailings: Find others in your market/niche that are roughly the same size as you. Ask them to swap mailings with you. Instead of hitting them with a pitch to purchase, send them an email that introduces who you. (much like guest blogging) Provide them with links to seminars, radio shows, and pod casts, your blog and social profiles…of course, do not forget to hit them with an opt-in form backed by a strong reason for them to opt-in. This way, you are building a larger list off the swapped mailing.

Mailers allow you to be creative, personal, and create offers you would never normally put on your Websites. Do not be afraid to try out new ideas, even if you nobody else is doing them.

Speaking of ideas, one of the best ways to learn what to do and what to avoid, is to find other newsletters in your markets and sign-up for them. You will quickly notice most newsletters are slightly different, from design, to the wording, to the marketing…and you will also notice those few that copy what everyone else is doing.

Be sure to take notes of the features you do and do not like, along with different ways to say Words. Like writing out the word percent vs. using a % sign.

Review of AWeber

Aweber Email Marketing SoftwareAWeber is one of the most popular auto-responder and newsletter managers on the Internet. Its power comes from the fact that AWeber is white-listed with just about every major mail service and mail provider on the Internet, which means the majority of your emails land in your subscribers inbox. The more emails that land, the more chances for traffic and sales you have!

Why Aweber Is Good!

AWeber offers a massive amount of great features that will help any email marketer get more opt-ins, land more emails, and make those every so important sales.

  • Auto-responder Feature: This automated feature allows you to schedule pre-written response emails to either be published based on the order you add them (follow up messages) or a set date (broadcast emails).
    • Shortly after opt-in, send them a reminder about your thank-you page offer.
    • Send them packaged offers with killer discounts, use a series of 3 emails to hype and build the offer.
    • Hook them with free goodies like ebooks, reports or any public speaking videos. Holiday emails, yearly trade shows and seminars.
      • AWeber can Geo-target subscribers based on the IP Address of the visitor, perfect for holidays and events unique to different Countries.
    • Follow up with on-going tip series emails that relates to your market, niche or theme.
  • Blog Broadcast Messages: This is the feature that replaces Feedburner – As your Blog / Website updates, a grouped-automated email is sent to your subscriber. I use this feature over Feedburner because I can structure the look of these emails to go with my Websites theme.
  • Double Opt-in Emails For Less Spam Complaints: This feature makes a subscriber confirm that that they wish to join your lists, keeping complaints and bounced emails under control.
  • Populated Thank You Pages: AWeber allows you to pass in subscriber details to your opt-in thank you pages, which can be used to personalize the thank you page with the visitors name and other possible opt-in details.
  • Personalized Emails: Because you can ask for a subscribers name, emails can be more personalized to the reader. Use the persons name like you would in a typical conversation with a friend, on a phone call. Typically you say Hey Name & Talk to you later Name – So do not over do it or it will look fake.
  • Instantly Move Subscribers to Different Lists: This is one of the most powerful features you can use for a product based Website. After a subscriber purchases from you, move the new customer to a customer only email list: Send your customers your best offers, less spam, and a new set of auto-responder emails.
    • Shopping Carts: Most shopping carts (software, plugins, etc) have AWeber integrated in via the AWeber API. This greatly helps when moving subscribers to different lists.
  • Prebuilt Email Templates and Forms: If you are not a HTML Guru, then no worries! AWeber comes with 100’s of easy to use and easy to customize templates and opt-in form styles.
  • Social
    Share Buttons
    : With the HTML Templates you can add in your Social Accounts, allowing subscribers to share your emails with others.

Other Great Features

AWeber is packed with features, which may help capture more opt-ins, get more emails opened, more emails in subscriber emails, and much more.

  • Open & Click Rate Statistics: Use the Open Rate to see how well the email subjects hook the reader into opening the email. The Click Rate feature is a great stat to use when split testing similar emails. AWeber also offers form statistics (views and submits), ad tracking statistics, the ability to track sales, delivery results, and a great deal more data that will make any stats junkie go nuts.
  • A/B Split Testing: “By testing and then analyzing results, we can get a better understanding of what subscribers respond best to, allowing for optimization of email marketing campaigns.” ~AWeber
  • SpamAssassim Score: Keeping the score below 5 means more messages are delivered by more ISP’s and Mail Services.
How Good Can It Get?

That greatly depends on the the list, the type of email being sent out and the subject of the email. For myself, product lists always have higher numbers than blogs like techNerdia.

Aweber Open Rates Screenshot

Blog broadcasts typically have the lowest open and click rates, sometimes the rates are downright pathetic. I prefer to do a standard broadcast on our more popular Blogs based around a product, this way the subject and body of the email can be customized to increase these rates.

Automated followups, have a massive open & click range, the nature of the emails makes this happen. We use followups to gauge what our customers are interested in. Such as, we found out our subscribers love teleconferences & radio shows where information is being shared in a more personal way. However, the emails that share a story and proof of our knowledge, get more thank you reply emails.

General broadcast emails, for products can kill it! (screenshot above) I have never produced these numbers with anything but product lists. The nature of the email does make a huge difference. We always send announcements for local shows/events, which always have lower rates, but these are good filler emails that do not pitch our readers. For us, new products and massive discount emails, are the golden eggs. We have had open rates over 120% with click rates over 85% (not shown) – these are always when we do remarkable offers, stacked over a 3 day period, that keep adding more to the bonus goodies as emails are sent. I wish we could send these emails every time, but if we did that would burn the list very fast.

What Is Bad About Aweber?

I do not really have much bad to say about AWeber…honestly, if they sucked I would be using a different provider.

  • AWeber does not pass through, Affiliate ID’s: Meaning, if you have an Affiliate Program, and the Affiliate gets an opt-in, AWeber does not track, store, or pass-through the Affiliate ID. Cookie tracking on your Aff Program does help defeat this, but after a few days, weeks or months, Cookies get deleted, thus the Affiliate Sale is lost.
  • No Polls or Surveys: While it is possible to send these on your own, the data is not pooled in with other AWeber statistics.

What is Ugly About Aweber?

The ugly list is more of a wish list of features I would like AWeber to improve on.

  • AWeber does not offer time-zone scheduling, which is a bit odd being that with all lists, the majority of subscribers are not located in the same time-zone.
  • The AWeber API is weak. This does not mean much to most users, but to us developers, its a serious pain.
  • You can not merge lists (or move customers to a customer only list) without the subscriber having to confirm the opt-in subscription.

AWeber The Perfect Solution

AWeber is the perfect solution for those new to the email marketing and advanced users that require a feature reach email system that does more than get the job done. Some of the largest email marketers on the Internet use and recommend AWeber for many good reasons, and likewise, I use and recommend highly Aweber!

Give AWeber A Test Run For Only $1

AWeber Star Rating

A review is not complete with giving out some star ratings.

Overall Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

It would be 5 stars if I could track and pass through Affiliate ID’s. Otherwise, AWeber simply rocks it!

Price: 5 Stars

AWeber is one of the cheapest auto-responder / newsletter managers you can find. For those thinking of getting started with AWeber, you really can not beat a $1 trial for 1 month with a full money back guarantee.

Ease of Use: 4 Stars

I am a bit picky…I do not like that I must go through a setup-walk-through with every list and each time a new form is created. As an advanced user, I do not need to be taken through baby-steps every single time I use the system.

Features: 4 1/2 Stars

The features AWeber offers are amazing and plentiful but because of the Affiliate ID issue, statistics interface, and the weak API, a 1/2 star is lost.

Support: 5 Stars

The few times I have had to use AWebers support, they answered my questions clearly and responded quickly.