MSRTM – License Agreement

“The Company” techNerdia LLC. grants you “the Customer” a limited license to use with restrictions, the “Pro Extension Plugin” software sold through “the Website” ( The Pro Extension Plugin attaches to and expands the Multisite Robots.txt Manager WordPress Plugin.

Limited Usage Agreement

Personal License: The Customer is granted the rights to install, setup and use the Pro Extension Plugin on an unlimited number of WordPress Multisite Networks and Websites that the Customer and/or Companies directly owned by the Customer.

Business License: The Personal License is included in the Business License. The Customer is granted the rights to install, setup, use the Pro Extension Plugin on an unlimited number of “Clients” (A person or organization who is paying the Customer for WordPress services.) WordPress Multisite Networks and Websites. The Customer is granted the right to teach, inform, and instruct the Customers Clients on how to use and/or manage the Pro Extension Plugin.

A “Single” Personal License is extended to all Clients of the Customer.


The Customer (and Clients for the Business License) may create backups of the software.

Unauthorized Use

The Pro Extension Plugin may not be re-distributed or re-sold or re-packaged or taken apart without written consent from techNerdia LLC.


Modifications to the Pro Extension Plugin does NOT void the Licenses, however support, bug corrections and future releases may not be supported.

No Warranty Is Provided or Claimed

techNerdia LLC. does NOT warranty or guarantee the Pro Extension Plugin. techNerdia LLC. can not guarantee that the Pro Extension Plugin will work correctly with outside modifications to WordPress, Plugins, Servers, other Software and/or Browsers, Templates, and/or any other possible but not listed situation.

The MS Robots.txt Manager

The MS Robots.txt Manager WordPress Plugin is licensed under the GNU General Public License. The MS Robots.txt Manager WordPress Plugin does not require a Personal or Business License to use.


If at any time you have a question about the License Agreement please don’t hesitate to Contact Support directly for a prompt response.

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