The Ultimate Robots.txt Plugin for Wordpress


    Multisite Ready with Network Admin
    You Can Manage ALL Websites from the Network Admin.


    Mass Update ALL Network Websites
    One-Click Mass Update or Single Site Updates.


    Automatically Append Website Robots.txt
    Includes Sitemap URL, Theme & Upload Paths.


    Customize All Robots.txt Files
    You Have Total Control Over Your Robots.txt File.

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What Do You Get By Using The MS Robots.txt Manager Plugin?

You get to save saving clicks...and any extra time gained is possible extra profits earned!

Update 1 or 10,000's of Websites - All Within A Few Clicks - It's Fast, it's Simple...and now, it's Automated! 


Time Saving Features

  •  Real Network Admin Area
    Quickly and easily manage all of your Websites robots.txt files directly from the Network Admin.
  •  Network Wide Updates
    Create a custom default robots.txt file, then click the publish to instantly update all Network Websites.

Custom Features

  •  Appended Website Robots.txt
    Website robots.txt file are automatically appended to the Network robots.txt file. Auto detection for Sitemap URL, and active Theme & Upload paths.
  •  Presets, Examples & Defaults
    Robots.txt file examples ready to be published to the Network, a Website or saved as the default robots.txt file.

Fully Documented

  •  Guided Inline Walkthrough
    As you setup, use and customize the plugin, simple instructions will make sure you fully understand everything.
  •  Detailed How to Use Tab
    If you need extended help and instructions the How to Use tab covers every feature and setting within the Plugin.
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Hands Free Automation

Premium Wordpress Extension

  •  Experience Total Hands Free Automation
    The automation extension works every time a new Website is created, no matter how the Website is created!

  •  Upload It, Configure It, Automate It
    It's as simple as 1, 2, 3... the plugin starts working for you in less the one minute of your time, it really is that fast and simple to use!

  •  Friendly With Other Automation Plugins
    Let the automation extension seamlessly setup robots.txt files while duplicators, replicates and cloning software mass create 10's, 100's or 10,000's of sites at once.

  •  A True Time Saving Wordpress Plugin
    For every 10 Websites created, the plugin and automation extension can save you roughly 25 minutes - 60 minutes of time. For every 100 Websites that is between 1 full work day through 3 full work days of time saved. All this... without having to click more buttons... you set it and forget it - that is true automation!


Select Your Automation Package Below! Let the hands free automation feature take control and instantly populate new robots.txt files as Websites are being created!

Included Features

Business License

Developers & Consultants

Personal License

Your Own Networks Only

Unilmited Multisite Networks That You Own Yes Yes
Unlimited Multisite Networks Your Clients Own Yes  
Free Lifetime Updates and Bug Fixes Yes Yes
Fast Customer Support Yes Yes
Help Documents & Videos Yes Yes
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• The Premium Wordpress Plugin is an "extension plugin" that attaches to the MS Robots.txt Manager Wordpress Plugin. • All prices are in USD (United States Dollar). Pricing is subject to change without notice. • This Plugin "only" works with Wordpress 3.8+ with Multisite Network feature activated. • Please read our terms and conditions, license agreement, story policy and privacy policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About the Multisite Robots.txt Manager Wordpress Plugin and the Premium Extension.

  • + Does this plugin work on Non-Multisite Installs?

    No, your install MUST be Multisite Network enabled.^ close
  • + Can the MS Robots.txt Manager update all Websites at once?

    Yes.^ close
  • + Can I add my own robots.txt file?

    Yes.^ close
  • + Can every Website have a different robots.txt file?

    Yes.^ close
  • + Does this plugin add Sitemap links to the robots.txt file?

    Yes.^ close
  • + Does the Sitemap URL (or the Upload / Theme Paths) automatically get added to the robots.txt file?

    No, the free plugin auto-detects the Sitemap URL, the active theme path and upload path, displaying all three within in input fields for each Network Website.^ close
  • + Can Websites have a Custom Sitemap URL, Upload & Theme Paths?

    Yes, simply access the Website's WP Admin > Settings > MS Robots.txt to customize a Websites robots.txt file.^ close
  • + Does the robots.txt file render for non-root domains / Websites with a path?

    Yes, however.... Search Engine Spiders do not read robots.txt files within a directory.^ close
  • + Does this plugin work on Wordpress.COM (free hosted) Websites?

    No.^ close
  • + Can I activate this plugin within a Websites wp-admin?

    No, only within the Network Admin.^ close
  • + Do I have to access each Website to manage the robots.txt file?

    Yes & No. The primary Admin Area for the MS Robots.txt Manager is located within the Network Admin. All Websites robots.txt files are managed from the Network Admin, however each Website does have it's own Admin Area allowing you to customize each Website's robots.txt file.^ close
  • + I run a Free Host Multisite Network, all displayed sites are in a Path, don't they need a robots.txt file?

    From what I understand, no... Only the root / network Website should have a robots.txt file.^ close
  • + Can I use other robots.txt file plugins with the MS Robots.txt Manager Plugin?

    Yes... To do this, access the Websites WP Admin > Settings Menu > MS Robots.txt. Scroll to the bottom and check the box for "Disable the saved robots.txt file on this website, restoring the default Wordpress robots.txt file.".^ close
  • + Can I use other Sitemap Plugins to add more Sitemap URL's to the robots.txt files?

    Yes, they should work without issue.^ close
  • + I've installed the plugin, and do not want to use it, but now Wordpress will not delete it, what's up?

    Wordpress handles the removal of all plugins. This plugin does not create files or modify file permissions. When a plugin fails to delete, the issue has to do with file permissions; normally the username that added the plugin is not the username trying to remove the plugin. If this isn't the issue, Wordpress and/or Server/Host/Admin modified the file permissions or file ownerships of the plugin. Log into your Wordpress install via FTP; visually 'compare' the file permissions, user and group that owns the Plugin against other plugins. Typically, if this information does not match you'll have to ask your Host for assistance.^ close
  • + Does the plugin remove its settings when it is disabled or deleted?

    When the plugin is disabled, no settings are deleted, however the robots.txt file created by the plugin will no longer display. When the plugin is deleted, all settings the plugin created are removed.^ close
  • + Does the Pro Extension Plugin remove its settings when it is disabled or deleted?

    Yes and No. When the plugin is first enabled or reenabled, your personal private key will need to be entered. No robots.txt file / Sitemap settings are removed when the pro plugin is disabled. When the plugin is deleted, all settings the plugin created are removed.^ close
  • + Where do I upload the Pro Extension?

    The Pro Extension Plugin should be uploaded to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Upload the entire /msrtm-pro/ folder and all files to the /plugins/ directory.^ close
  • + How long does it take for the Pro Extension to appear once uploaded?

    Once uploaded, it takes less than 30 seconds for the automation features to appear within the MS Robots.txt Manager Admin Area.^ close
  • + Is the Pro Extension a one-time payment?

    Yes! Both licenses are a one-time payments.^ close
  • + If I create 1000's of Websites, will the Pro Plugin update them all?

    Yes... The automation feature will create all robots.txt files, if the robots.txt is missing. Another method to ensure mass added Websites have a robots.txt file is via the "Update Missing Robots.txt Data" feature (found below the automation setting). To use, simply click the "mass update" button and all Websites with missing robots.txt files will instantly be updated.^ close
  • + How many Websites can I use the Pro Plugin Extension on?

    An unlimited number of Websites YOU OWN with both Licenses. And an unlimited number of Websites your clients own with the Business License.^ close
  • + What happens after I purchase the Pro Plugin Extension?

    After payment, you will be redirected back to this Website. At that point you will be prompted to download the zip file that contains the Pro Extension Plugin.^ close
  • + How do updates for the Pro Plugin Extension Work?

    When updates are available they will be displayed within the Plugin Admin and Updates Admin, just like other Wordpress Plugins.^ close
  • + How do I contact Customer Support?

    Jump over the Customer Care section for information on sending us a direct email.^ close

Fast, Simple and Easy to Use!

The MS Robots.txt Manager Wordpress Plugin was created to save everyone time and can be downloaded here. No more remembering to activate another plugin, no more settings to copy over, no more cross admins to access - it saves you time - period! Download it today, save a custom robots.txt file, manage everything from a central admin area, and update the entire Network within a few clicks!

For those that mass build Websites, use other automation software, or just want a hands-free life when a Website is created... then the Pro Extension will save you hours, days and even weeks of time.

Get The Pro Extension Today

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• The Premium Wordpress Plugin is an "extension plugin" that attaches to the MS Robots.txt Manager Wordpress Plugin. • All prices are in USD (United States Dollar). Pricing is subject to change without notice. • This Plugin "only" works with Wordpress 3.2+ with Multisite Network feature activated. • Please read our terms and conditions, license agreement, store policy and privacy policy.