Customize the Admin Bar with the WP My Admin Bar WordPress Plugin

WP My Admin Bar WordPress Plugin

Q) How Do You Customize The WordPress Admin Bar?
A) With the WP My Admin Bar WordPress Plugin, of course!

The WP My Admin Bar is here because of a friend… About mid 2011 I created three standalone mu-plugins, a plugin for each of the new menus this plugin creates. The mu-plugin setup was great, for myself… but once a friend needed it, the headache of updates quickly became apparent.

This is what motivated me to migrate the mu-plugin version to a full WordPress plugin, my actual first released plugin through the WordPress plugin repository!

So… here you go, I present to you, the WP My Admin Bar Multisite WordPress Plugin.


The WP My Admin Bar WordPress Plugin creates three new quick access menus directly on the WordPress Admin Bar.

The three menus are: My Sites, My Cache and My Tools.

The Plugin does not remove or disable the current Admin Bar. The menus are added to the current admin bar, which allows the built in WordPress security features and Admin Bar features to function as you would expect.

Other Features Include: Being able to remove the WordPress Logo from the Admin Bar, remove the Howdy statement and for multisite setups: Remove the WP Icon from the My Sites menu and replace it with Site ID’s.

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