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TechNerdia is a Project Website & Development archive covering: WordPress multisite, Affiliate Program Monetization, Affiliate Marketing, Traffic Building, PHP Scripts, Javascript/jQuery, Business Ideas, a bit of Life and all types of other helpful goodies.

Who is techNerdia for?

  • The do-it-yourself business owner that long ago evolved past sleeping.
  • Online developers looking to unscrew something so they can finally get to sleep.
  • Web Coders / Scripters (PHP, jQuery, etc), Mobile / Web Developers, Web Designers, Webmasters, Affiliates, Bloggers, Content Creators, Creative Minds and anyone willing to expand the mind!
  • oh and…s s ǝ ɹ d p ɹ o ʍ lovers!
  • Those with limited time; that want to the point & powerful information that can quickly and easily be consumed by the mind.
  • And finally, owners of products, service sites and affiliate programs looking to learn the real underground secrets to monetizing your products, services and affiliate programs…. legally but the ethics committee is probably going to get upset.

What you wont find on techNerdia are those generalized (no real info) articles, that are really catchy titles, thus draw you in, to find out the article is the same old trash found all over the Internet. Topics like: 10 ways to grow your traffic, which typically ends up being a trash like, work hard, build your lists, blah blah blah…..those articles piss me off and you wont find them here!

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