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Customization Tips for Wordpress.

Adding an Affiliate Link Redirect Script Built Into Every WordPress Post

Affiliate Link Redirect ScriptThis is a very simple yet effective way to make every post of on your Website have the ability to mask your affiliate links. This solution works perfectly for Websites that have about 50 or less affiliate links to manage, which most Blogs fit into. 5E7BWGX7BRQP

Why Mask Affiliate Links?

Masking your affiliate links has several benefits, but the key benefits are:

  • A shortened affiliate link that you create is easier for you to remember.
  • The redirect script makes affiliate links look pretty.
  • It makes links look like they are internal, resulting in more clicks.
  • A visitor is not able to copy/paste the link while removing your affiliate id.
  • Reduces 3rd party software blocking, such as Norton blocking affiliate links.
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Loading The WordPress Comment Form Within A Lightbox


Wordpress Comment Form LighboxIn this tutorial I will be showing you how to load the WordPress comment form within a lightbox. A lightbox is typically used on video or photo galleries. When a thumbnail or link is clicked, jQuery (a Javascript framework) overlays the content on top of the Website. This keeps a visitor from leaving the page being viewed and allows the visitor to easily surf through the gallery.

The same idea is used to load the comment form within the lightbox. When any “make a comment” link is clicked on a post, the lightbox opens loading the comment form within it. After a comment is made, the lightbox closes, and the the visitor is taken to the location of the comment.

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Add Google Code SyntaxHighlighter to WordPress without using a Plugin


The Google Code SyntaxHighlighter instantly transforms code/scripts/markup (php, html, css, java, etc) into a readable and downloadable example code.

Google Syntax Highlighter Example

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10 Steps to Replacing Feedburner With Your Own Feed URL – with Statistics


FeedburnerThis article covers removing Feedburner from your WordPress Websites and setting up your own RSS Feeds with Statistics, Advertisements and Scraper Protection.

Two Methods To Removing Feedburner.

  1. Create a temporary Feed that will be used in Feedburner, forcing your readers to update now!
  2. Using a notice within your current Feeds, allowing your readers to naturally move over to your new Feed.
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