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Adding an Affiliate Link Redirect Script Built Into Every WordPress Post

Affiliate Link Redirect ScriptThis is a very simple yet effective way to make every post of on your Website have the ability to mask your affiliate links. This solution works perfectly for Websites that have about 50 or less affiliate links to manage, which most Blogs fit into. 5E7BWGX7BRQP

Why Mask Affiliate Links?

Masking your affiliate links has several benefits, but the key benefits are:

  • A shortened affiliate link that you create is easier for you to remember.
  • The redirect script makes affiliate links look pretty.
  • It makes links look like they are internal, resulting in more clicks.
  • A visitor is not able to copy/paste the link while removing your affiliate id.
  • Reduces 3rd party software blocking, such as Norton blocking affiliate links.
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Javascript/PHP Script that Hides Referring URLs


Drop Referring URLsYou may be wondering why in the world would you ever want to hide a referring url? Well, for several reasons really.

  • Private ‘research’ Forums that link and share Websites, Content and Web Tools. This tool will ensure the original referring url is hidden, helping keep private areas unknown to statistic programs.
  • The script can be hosted on a remote domain so the original referring Website is masked.
  • Any Website linking to an online tools direct-backend url, like a rank checking site.
  • It can be used to help kill new user link spam from WordPress comments or Forums.
  • Use it to kill search engine link benefits from open forums or any public website that posts links.
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Remove slashes and the http from a URL – PHP Example

Remove Slashes From A URL

The PHP example below takes an encoded URL, decodes it, then strips away the slashes and http, leaving only the to deal with.

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